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How can an animal benefit from donations?

Sponsor merchandise & professional services

Sponsor pet-related merchandise i.e. pet snacks, accessories and toys for charity sale or professional services  i.e. veterinary care, pet grooming, dog training, banner printing etc.

There are no boundaries of what we could do together!

Donate supplies

We take pet supplies from specified pet kibbles & wet food (esp. special diets like kidney care) to anti-flea treatments i.e. Bravecto & Frontline.

For the latest wish list, you may refer to our Barkmall page.

Curate first or second-hand appliances

Curate appliances for The Bow Wow Inn and cat shelter i.e. freezers, washing machines, cooling fans, large crates etc on a need-based condition.

DM us or stay tuned to our social media announcements for our latest needs


Run charity contributions on your goods & services with your customer/fan base so it’s a win-win-win scenario for everyone:

Your customers would be happy to participate in a good deed through a purchase, we’d raise public awareness on the importance of animal rescue, and our dogs and cats are benefited from the funds raised!

Offer venue

Provide venue for our weekend adoption events or charity sale markets, preferably on Hong Kong Island.

By offering a venue, not only will your space be known by our potential adopters and volunteers, it will also be an amazing experience with all the fluffy animals!

Promote us

Promote us through media & marketing platforms, format varies from an on-site tour to The Bow Wow Inn, a heart-to-heart interview with our founder, or a heart tucking article about our furry paws!

OUR PARTNERS and sponsors

Our sincere gratitude to those who have supported us:

Veterinary Partners
Food & Supplies Donors
Bow Wow Inn Sponsors
Adoption Day Venues
Marketing & Promotions
Learn more at Corporate donations & sponsorships for ways of becoming our partners.
For any marketing or partnership requests, please send your enquiries to .


More ways to support our dogs and cats

Foster an Animal

Be a superhero for animals who are waiting for a permanent home by giving them a lot of love, care and attention!

Take a look into our fostering process and what you could expect during fostering.

Become our Volunteer

If you love pets and would like to spend some of your time to help those in need, we’ve got some amazing volunteering opportunities for you!

Join our team of volunteers on rescue mission or skill-based, there are plenty to do.

Learn More