Our fosters are critical to our work! We do not run a shelter; rather, our puppies and dogs stay temporarily with dedicated foster families who give them a loving home while they wait for a forever home. This allows the animals to adjust to life with humans, socialize, and develop good manners.

What will you do as a foster parent?

1) Care for the basic daily needs of your foster dog, including walking and feeding
2) Assist in helping to teach the dog basic manners
3) Bring your foster dog to adoption events (Discovery Bay Plaza on Saturdays 2-6pm) and medical appointments, and introduce your foster dog to potential adopters
4) Give your foster dog a lot of love and affection!

How long will a foster dog be in my home?

Foster stays can be a few days to a few months. It depends on the specific situation of each animal and each foster home.

What support does Paws provide?

We take care of any medical expenses and we also provide food. We’re here along the way to support you, and always a text message or phone call away.

Interested in fostering? Please complete the form below!

We will contact you with more information. Naturally, you must be located in Hong Kong. :)

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